The world's coolest toilets!

We hardly pay attention to the toilet. Yet we spend around a year and a half of our life time in there. So if you think at it, we best make it some place nice, right? Here's some inspiration to pimp your water closet!

1. Het Landhuis, Maastricht
Let's start somewhat close to home: Maastricht. Het Landhuis is an open space for cultural and underground events, created by a group of squatters who occupied a former villa which was half burnt down, half intentionally destroyed by the previous owner, before selling it to the municipality. The squatters have beautifully restored the building and, when doing so, also paid large attention to the "smallest room". The result is a lovely cubicle decorated with a mosaic of smashed tiles and other ceramic and stoneware, originating from demolished buildings. Many one-time visitors to the Landhuis take a picture of it as lovely memory.

2. Warmly Waiting Room, Bristol, UK
With the abolition of police boxes in the UK, creative minds think of all sorts of things to do with them. The Warmly Waiting Room cafe in Bristol turned one into a toilet. Complete with sink, mirror and hand dryer. The alarm light on the top of the police box has been connected to a motion sensor inside the toilet, which makes the light go on whenever someone is using the toilet. The cafe by now has however found that most people are using the toilet to take a picture of it, not the least by Dr. Who fans who call it a TARDIS-toilet, after the police box shaped time machine.

3. The Ice Hotel, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden
Speaking of cool, at the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, almost everything is made of ice. Including the toilet. Best bring something warm to sit on!

4. Washup washing machine-toilet by Sevin Coskun
For all we know, it's not actually in use anywhere, but the invention is very nice: the combination between a washing machine and a toilet. The Washup saves space, as well as water: the toilet is flushed using water from the washing machine. After washing, the water is stored in a tank at the bottom of the machine, which can later be used to flush the toilet, which converted to Dutch water prices means you save €1.30 per m3, which means around €15 per year per person. Now let's hope it won't flush your laundry with it...

5. "Swisshorn" Gold Palace, Hong Kong
The "Swisshorn" Gold Palace is Hong Kong's golden counterpart to the Ice Hotel. Everything in this building is made of gold, including the toilet. This toilet is not actually in use, although it is fully functional, and equipped with an automatic flushing system. Made in 2001 by Lam Sai-wing out of 24-carat, solid gold, worth over €25 million! Tourists, wearing special plastic covers around their shoes, may look at it when visiting the golden palace, but not pee in it and not even take a picture. Nothing is allowed anymore these days...

6. Steampunk toilet by Andre Rothblatt
Residential architect Andre Rothblatt was asked to design a steampunk bathroom by a client from San Fransisco, USA. This is what he made. When flushed, the water goes down through a zigzagging copper pipe, triggering a pressure meter and creating a marvelous sound.

7. The Bell, Ticehurst, UK
Trombones, used as urinals. A pub named "The Bell" in Ticehurst must be either loved or hated for it by music lovers. At least society-magazine Tatler loved it, and featured them on their Game of Thrones - a loo gallery special.

Do you know any other toilets that need to be seen? Use the comment box below!

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