The Golden Lookies: the Netherlands' best commercials ever!

Advertisement isn't as simple as it looks. To make a great advertisement requires a lot of creativity. It must be catchy, to stay in your head, it must focus on the advertiser's product, and it shouldn't be too annoying. And for television ads, it should of course win the Golden Lookie, the annual prize for the best television ad on Dutch television.

The Golden Lookie, or Gouden Loeki as it's actually called, is the annual prize given to the best commercial shown on any Dutch TV-channel over the past year, as elected by the audience. It is named after Lookie the Lion (or Loeki de Leeuw), which was the icon of STER (the organisation broadcasting the advertisements on NPO 1, 2 and 3) until 2004. The name of the award however is still Golden Lookie. Here are the winners from introduction in 1995 untill 2014:

1995: KLM
The 'Swan'-commercial by KLM won the 1995 award. A swan takes off while a jet engine can be heard:

1996: Rolo

Broadcast in a number of countries, a boy teases an elephant by thinking he'll be giving the animal his last candy, then sticking it into his own mouth, causing the elephant to take revenge years later:

1997: Melkunie
Peer Mascini and his cows promote the different products by Melkuni: regular milk, buttermilk, yoghurt and vla. And while his blabla in Dutch continues (without subtitles, unfortunately), one of his cows decide to go for a jump in the pool. Umbrellas up, everyone! Watch the video (in Dutch, no subtitles)

1998: Calvé Peanut Butter
How big do you want to get? That's the slogan in this commercial, in which a boy fantasizes himself bigger and bigger, while he eats his peanut butter sandwich.

1999: Yellow Pages
Hard it is to believe that a janitor can accidentally break the glass of a shark tank, the Yellow Pages can always find a solution just in case such a thing happens. Or not?

2000: Dommelsch Beer
At Dommelsch, they've clearly never heard of bottle openers...

2001: Centraal Beheer Insurances
Two Englishmen who are about to travel to Rio. Passports, tickets, everything in order. Untill they take the wrong turn.

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