10 great widgets to add to your website!

Setting up a website is a lot of work. Take our word for it: everythinginenglish.nl isn't even finished yet - and it probably never will be. But whereas we're working every day real hard to add new code to this website, you could save yourself the trouble by simply using what others already created!

For example, you could use some of our widgets to add the traffic news or rail service disruptions to your website. But there are tons of other very interesting widgets out there, which you can easily cut and paste into your website or blog. Here are fifteen of our favourites, of which some have in fact been made available on our custom portal.

1. Facebook Galleria
Save you the hassle of installing comprehensive PHP-scripting to transform a folder on your web server into a browsable photo album. In fact, even save yourself the trouble of uploading photos to your web server. Just put them on Facebook, and use the Facebook Galleria widget to let it automatically create a photo album using the photos you've uploaded to Facebook! It works with both pages and personal profiles. Very customizable, fits on every website!

2. Social Buttons

Of course, you want your website to be found. And the best way to achieve that is by making other people talk about it. 100 Widgets has made a button bar with all major social media networks in line. From Facebook to Vkontakte, they're all there. All you need is to wait for users to click their social network.

3. Statcounter
So then the obvious question is: does it work? Are massive amounts of people visiting your website or blog? And if so, who are these people? Where are they from? How did they get to know your website? That's where Statcounter comes in! This tool shows all this information, plus more. What browser are your visitors using? Have they clicked any links? Statcounter tells all this!

4. Electric Piano
Now here's something interesting for music lovers: an electric piano! After installing it, visitors to your website or blog need only click to activate it, and they can play themselves a tune.

5. PhotoSnack
Somewhat similar to Facebook Galleria, PhotoSnack can in fact fetch photos from Facebook, Flickr, Google+ and Instagram. But whereas Facebook Galleria creates a photo gallery, PhotoSnack turns your photos into a slide show.

6. Astronomical Clock
This clock shows not only the time, but also the position of the sun and the moon in the astrological houses and zodiacs. You can install it on your website if you want to attract visitors to your site who are interested in astrology, or just because it looks pretty.

7. Stock exchange index

On Investing.com you can get a widget with stock exchange index rates, the same as the one we offer as an option on our portal page. All you need to do is choose which stock markets you want to display and copy and paste the code onto your website.

8. Christmas widgets
Get your visitors in the mood for Christmas, with the Christmas Countdown. It's as simple as the name suggests: the widget shows how many days, hours and minutes before the next Christmas. Decorated with Christmas trees and bells. And once we're there, you can let your visitors create a Christmas card using this widget!

9. Weather forecast
Weather forecast and rain radar
Meteovista - More weather in KatwijkMeteovista.nl Always your weather
Another widget that does exactly as the name suggests. Weatheronyoursite.com was set up by former KNMI-division Meteovista to provide XML-feeds of the weather forecast to put on your website. Not familiar with XML? Don't worry, they have easy cut-and-paste widgets with a rainfall radar, three-day weather forecasts or pollen warnings. Our example above is for the city of Katwijk, but you can select any city, town or village in the Netherlands and many, many other countries.

10. The latest news on your website
Fool people into thinking your website is continuously updated. We do it all the time! FeedWind by Mikle is the widget we use to show you the latest news on our portal page. You can do the same. Just enter any RSS-feed (such as that of Google News) on the wizard page and create the wizard. Then, copy and paste the code onto your website or blog and voila, the latest news will immediately appear!

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