Keep calm for what!?

You probably know the "Keep Calm And..."-meme. A simple sign, usually red, with a crown and the text "Keep calm and", followed by anything you can think of. But do you know what they were originally for? And do you know the original sign has two brothers?

The original poster with the text "Keep Calm and Carry On" was published by the British government in 1939. The second World War was about to start, and mass air attacks on major cities were expected. Obviously, when you have to live every day with the idea that when you go home that afternoon, you may find your house vanished and your family dead, you'll really appreciate it if your government has published posters with "Keep Calm and Carry On" printed on it. Everything you love has just disappeared from your life, but your government wants you to just shrug and continue contributing to society.

Naturally, publication of the poster was cancelled.

However, the poster had two brothers. A lot more encouraging and perhaps more realistic, these were published until October 1939, when costs and impact were questioned. The "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters, which were scheduled to be published within 24 hours after outbreak, were all destroyed.

Well, that is, all but 22. Two of them were rediscovered in 2000, and twenty more in 2012. Since then, many variations of the poster were designed, all with different things to do after you calmed down, some of which can be very funny. Here are some we found across the internet:

Keep Calm and Call Batman Keep Calm and Don't Forget To Be Awesome

Keep Calm For What

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