Court bans PostNL strikes over Christmas period

Trade union FNV is not allowed to organize any strikes at PostNL in the coming weeks, the court in The Hague ruled in , NOS reports.
PostNL argued that strikes during the busy Christmas period would cause "disproportionate damage and risks". Strikes would result in millions of euros of damages and severely affect customers waiting for mail and parcels, according to the company. 
Submitted by Janene Pieters on December 14, 2018 - 16:00

Dutch supermarkets expecting record Christmas turnover

Branch organization for supermarkets and food service companies CBL expects that Dutch supermarkets' turnover will exceed 1 billion euros in the Christmas week. The organization calls this a new milestone, the Telegraaf reports.
CBL thinks that supermarkets in the Netherlands will be at their busiest on the Sunday and Monday before Christmas. Most of the fresh produce will be sold on Monday, December 24th.
A large number of supermarkets will also be open on Christmas itself - over 700 on Christmas Day and more than half of all supermarkets on Boxing Day.
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Over 850,000 Dutch employees not saving for retirement

Some 856 thousand Dutch employees are not building up a pension, according to a study Statistics Netherlands did on behalf of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. That amounts to 13 percent of all Dutch employees. Previously the Ministry estimated that only 4 percent of employees are not saving for retirement, RTL Z reports.
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Amsterdam hospital to implement complete smoking ban, inside and out

The OLVG in Amsterdam will be implementing a complete smoking ban at all its locations, both inside and outside, on July 1st next year. In this way the hospital wants to contribute to public health, because cigarettes are not only dangerous for smokers, but also for passive smokers, AT5 reports.
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NS to tackle crowds at Schiphol train ticket machines

NS turning its attention to tackling chaos at train ticket machines at Schiphol airport, caused by foreign tourists with no public transit cards who want to buy tickets to travel to Amsterdam. The Dutch rail company is approaching international travel providers to convince them to sell online train tickets to and from Schiphol to tourists in advance, the Telegraaf reports.
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No fines, but help for Rotterdam homeless, Mayor Aboutaleb says

Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb does not want to go through with an alcohol ban set to be implemented in Wijkpark Oude Westen next year. It is better to offer help instead of fining homeless people caught violating the alcohol ban, he said in the city council meeting, RTV Rijnmond reports.
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Suspect arrested for 2014 Amsterdam mistaken identity murder and assassination

On Thursday the police arrested a 31-year-old man on suspicion of involvement in the mistaken identity murder of Stefan Eggermont and the assassination of Massod Amin Hosseini, both in Amsterdam in 2014. Sources told newspaper that the suspect is Ilias K.
K. is already in custody on suspicion of playing an organizing role in the in Zaandam in February 2014, according to the newspaper.
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Rotterdam stabbing victim identified as American student, 21

A young woman on Wednesday was identified as Sarah Papenheim, a 21-year-old American drummer and student studying psychology at Erasmus University, according to multiple Dutch news sources. The police confirmed to RTL Nieuws that the victim had American nationality.
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Dutch aid to hurricane hit Sint-Maarten largely unspent

Almost nothing of the 550 million euros in aid money the Netherlands set aside for Sint Maarten after has been spent. As a result, the residents of the island still have little concrete results a year after the disaster, the Court of Audit said in a report published on Thursday, reports.
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Chance of snow in Netherlands this weekend

Snow is heading to the Netherlands this weekend, according to Weeronline. People living in the north and east of the country have the best chance of waking up to a winter wonderland on Sunday morning. But it won't last long, the weather service warns.
The first precipitation will start in Zeeland on Saturday evening. This will be rain with maybe a bit of wet snow. Inland there will be a long period of wet snow falling, and the snow has a chance of staying on the ground in the middle, east and north of the country.
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