Come to, we have cookies!

Websites such as cannot exist without cookies. We place cookies on your harddisk right from the beginning for anonymous statistics. These are not shared with others. Third parties may place cookies on your harddisk, such as Facebook if you 'like' our page or comment on polls. Google places cookies for the ads they show on our site, you can prevent that by blocking ads using Adblock or similar software. We place cookies for some functions as soon as you start using them, such as localisation or our forum. Personal details, if ever collected at all, are never shared with third parties. By using this site or certain functions, you agree to the cookies being placed on your harddisk.

What we don't (and never will do):
We do not use information gathered from you for commercial purposes (Google might still use information they gathered for personalized ads). Information such as your location settings or any other settings is not shared with anyone. We do not collect your personal information without your explicit permission.

How works
Your personalised portal page on is heavily based on cookies. Once you make changes to your portal, these changes are stored in cookies. When you load up your portal page, your cookies are read and the corresponding items are loaded from the server to be displayed in your browser.
We do not store your settings in any way (which is why this process needs to take place each time you reload the portal page), and your settings will only be stored for as long as you keep your cookies. When you delete your cookies, your settings are lost and there is no way for us to retrieve them.

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