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Traffic or rail information on your site
Would you like the traffic news, rail service disruptions or job vacancies on your site? See here for some easy cut & paste HTML.

I was in a traffic jam or a broken train that wasn't on your site
We know that's just one of the things that can ruin your day. Unfortunately, it's not really our fault. Traffic information comes straight from the Verkeers Informatie Dienst of the national police and is automatically translated. Rail information comes straight from NS and is also automatically translated. For incorrect information, you will need to contact them.

I surfed to your site in the middle of the night our time and the weather forecast for the Caribbean Netherlands was gone!
This means you are visiting a non-localised version of our site. During the afternoon and evening Caribbean time, the non-localised version also shows the weather forecast for the BES-islands (typically, this is when we welcome the most of our Caribbean guests). But as this consumes quite some extra space, it is removed during the night and the morning, when most of the visitors are from the European Netherlands. You can solve this by setting your locale to BES-Islands. You will then not be bothered with European weather forecasts anymore, you will always see the weather forecast for Saba and Statia, as well as other local information.

I was automatically redirected to a local edition of everythinginenglish.nl and I don't want that or I was redirected to a wrong local edition
For a select few ISPs and a select few cities, we're experimenting with offering local editions based on IP-addresses. If you were served a local edition of everythinginenglish.nl without asking for it, your IP is probably within that range. Although we tried to use only those IP-addresses that we were pretty sure to match actual location, it is still just a test and we could of course be wrong. Also, included are some public wi-fi networks (particularly the municipality of Maastricht and the University of Amsterdam) and on your laptop or tablet, this places a cookie causing you to always see that local edition, even if you go elsewhere (on our mobile page, this cookie is not placed and when connecting to another wi-fi network, you will probably not see a local edition anymore).
If you don't want to see a local edition of everythinginenglish.nl or if you always want to see a particular local edition, no matter where you are, you can 'override' the IP-recognition by setting your locale settings manually. You can do that on our edit page (on our mobile page: tap the gear on the bottom right of our homepage).

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